A Publication List of the Laboratory Since 1995

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Shao Limin, Tang Bing, Shao Xueguang, Zhao Guiwen, Liu Shantang


Wavelet transform treatment of noise in high performance liquid chromatography

Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997,25(1):15-18



Cai Wensheng, Shao Xueguang, Zhao Guiwen, Zhang Maosen


Genetic algorithms and its applications in analytical chemistry

Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997,25(2):231-237



Shao Xueguang, Tang Bing, Cai Wensheng


Software development and applications of chemical factor analysis

Computers and Applied Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997,14(1):68-69



Xueguang Shao, Wensheng Cai, Peiyan Sun, Maosen Zhang, Guiwen Zhao


Quantitative Determination of the Components in Overlapping Chromatographic Peaks
Using Wavelet Transform

Analytical Chemistry, 1997,69(9):1722-1725




Shao Xueguang, Shao Limin, Zhao Guiwen


Application of Wavelet Transform and WFA in Analyzing the Overlapping Chromatogram
of Rare-earth Elements

Kidorui (Japanese Journal), 1997,(30):204-205



Shao Xueguang, Chen Zonghai, Zhao Guiwen


Quantitative Determination of Rare-earths by Stepwise Regression and Artificial Neural Network

Kidorui (Japanese Journal), 1997,(30):206-207



Shao Xueguang, Sun Peiyan, Cai Wensheng, Zhang Maosen


Wavelet transform and its application to the resolution of the overlapping chromatograms

Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997,(7):54-57



Shao Xueguang, Sun Peiyan, Cai Wensheng, Zhang Maosen


Resolution of overlapping chromatograms by wavelet transform

Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997,25(6):671-674



Chengyun Wang, Xueguang Shao, Qingde Su, Zhiwen Cheng, Guiwen Zhao


Preparation of Nd2O3 Thin Films by a Novel Sol-Gel Dipping Process

Physica status solidi. a:applied research., 1997, 162(2):623-630

doi: 10.1002/1521-396X(199708)162:2<623::AID-PSSA623>3.0.CO;2-U



Wang Chengyun, Shao Xueguang, Mao Junjun, Su Qingde, and Zhao Guiwen


Optical Determination of the thickness of thin films symmetrically deposited on both sides of the substrates

Measurement Science and Technology, 1997, 8:911-916




Shao Xueguang, Cai Wensheng, Pan Zhongxiao, Zhang Maosen


Wavelet Transform and Its Applications in HPLC Analysis

New Trends in Chemometrics, Hunan University Press, 1997:205-206



Shao Xueguang, Zhang Hong, Zhao Guiwen


Implementation of GA-ANN algorithm and its application in chromatographic analysis

Computers and Applied Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997, 13(Supplement):59-60



Shao Xueguang, Shao Limin, Hou Shuquan, Zhao Guiwen


Application of data compression based on wavelet transformation in window factor analysis

Journal of China University of Science and Technology (Chinese Journal), 1997, 27(4):460-465



Shao Xueguang, Zhong Hongbo, Zhang Maosen, Zhao Guiwen


Application of wavelet transform to the isolation of EXAFS oscillations from experiment data

Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis (Chinese Journal), 1997, 17(6):85-88



Tao Ye, Shao Xueguang, Zhao Guiwen, Ju Xin


EXAFS studies of Eu(III) and Pr(III) hexafluoroacetylacetone complex

Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997,12:38-39



Zhao, Guiwen; Wang, Chengyun; Shao, Xueguang; Su, Qinged; Shen, Lianguan


Film-tensioning machine for the preparation of thin films via sol-gel dipping process

Chemistry (Chinese Journal), 1997, (3):52-55