Published Books: [Chinese Version]


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[1] Xueguang Shao, Wensheng Cai

     Chemoinformatics, Science Press, Beijing, 2001.6

     (in Chinese)




     Chemoinfomatics (Second Edtion), Science Press, Beijing, 2005.4

     (in Chinese)




     Chemoinfomatics (Second Edtion), Science Press, Beijing, 2013.4

     (in Chinese)







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[2] Xueguang Shao, Wensheng ai, Xiaojie Xu

     Chemometrics: Statistics and computer application in analytical chemistry, Science Press, Beijing, 2003.1

     (in Chinese, Translated from the English version by M. Otto)



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[3] Xueguang Shao, Chapter 7, Wavelet Analysis and Analytical Signal ProcessingPrinciple, Program and Examples, p.165-201

     Wensheng Cai, Chapter 6, Genetic algorithms and simulated annealling algorithm (SAA part), p148-164

  Edited by Lu Xu, Chemometrics: Principles and applications of the important methods, Science Press, Beijing, 2004.2

     (in Chinese)



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[4] Xueguang Shao, Chapter 5, Application of Wavelet Transform in Chemistry, p.147-256

     Foo-tim Chau, Yi-zeng Liang, Junbin Gao, Xue-guang Shao, Chemometrics: From Basics to Wavelet Transform, Wiley-Interscience, Hoboken, New Jersey. 2004.4



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[5] Lu Xu, Xueguang Shao

     Methods of Chemometrics, Science Press, Beijing, 2004.9

     (in Chinese)